An Overview of Silicone Tubing vs. PVC Tubing

Are you considering purchasing your next round of tubing for a project, but you’re unsure if silicone or PVC tubing is the better option for you? This blog post provides a comprehensive overview of the pros and cons of each type of tubing to help make your decision easier.

The Difference Between Silicone and PVC Tubing

Silicone tubing is made from a synthetic rubber material, while PVC (polyvinyl chloride) tubing is made from plasticized polymers. Both types can be used in many applications, however they have several key differences that should be considered when selecting the right type of tube for your needs.


When it comes to durability, silicone is far superior to PVC. Silicone has excellent resistance to extreme temperatures and UV light, making it ideal for outdoor use. It also exhibits superior strength and flexibility which makes it highly resistant to cracking or punctures. In comparison, PVC can become brittle over time due to its poor resistance to extreme temperatures and UV light exposure, making it less reliable than silicone in these conditions.

Chemical Resistance

Both types of tubing are designed to be resistant to certain chemicals but there are some notable differences between them. Silicone has superior chemical resistance, making it more suited for use with chemicals such as acids and bases than PVC tubing. Additionally, silicone does not react with oil or gasoline like some types of plasticized polymers do, so it is often preferred for automotive applications where these substances may be present in the environment.

Cost & Usability

PVC tends to be much cheaper than silicone due its lower production costs and wide availability in various sizes and grades. However, this cost savings can come at a price as PVC tends to require more maintenance due to its poor durability compared with silicone tubing. On the other hand, silicone may cost more upfront but its superior strength and flexibility means that it requires less maintenance over time which can make up for the initial cost difference between the two materials over time.

Conclusion: When choosing between silicone or PVC tubing for your next project, there are several factors that should be taken into consideration such as chemical resistance, durability, cost effectiveness and usability. By understanding these key differences between the two materials you will be well equipped to select the best material for your application needs – whether that’s silcone or PVC! Ultimately when weighing up all of these factors you may discover that despite being more expensive initially – investing in higher quality material such as silicone could save you money in the long run due its superior strength and durability compared with other materials such as PVC!

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