Farm technology

As the dairy industry advances, so do its requirements for safely and cleanly producing high-quality product. This involves an ever higher standards of technology in hoses and molded parts used to transport milk.

Silicone is revolutionizing the industry, offering superior hygienic and mechanical properties compared to rubber or EPDM. It’s quickly becoming a go-to material for applications that demand high performance materials.

Despite difficult environmental conditions, milking technology needs silicone that can withstand harsh forces while upholding hygiene standards to meet global food safety regulations. Specialized mixtures of silicone must be used to balance strength and purity for successful application.

Our special silicone mixture provides unbeatable durability, flexibility and hygiene for milking technology. 

  • Durability: Our milking hoses are tough enough to withstand the harsh conditions of a busy milking parlor. Crafted with an extra thick wall, they’re designed for long-term use under pressure!
  • Flexibility: Our silicone hoses remain flexible all the way down to -60°C, allowing for smooth and uninterrupted winter operation. Leave rugged rubber behind – with our hoses you can keep up-and-running no matter what!
  • Hygiene: Our hoses boast an ultra-smooth inner surface for improved cleaning performance. Furthermore, silicone ensures no deposit build up thanks to its unique lack of plasticizers compared with regular black rubber!

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