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We produces solid silicone elastomer extrusions in essentially boundless shapes and hardnesses as a result of its expertise in customized formulas and toolmaking.

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About Us

NEWTOP is a professional silicone manufacturer at producing complex form profiles out of silicone extrusions and fabricating them for use by highly complex industries. What makes us unique? Throughout the years, we have come up with many different kinds of materials that are specifically engineered to fulfill many different requirements. 

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Silicone Extrusion Molding

The silicone product gets pushed into a shape during the silicone extrusion process using a mold. It forms continuous lengths, challenging curved ones, and cross sections. Due to its elastic features, ranging silicone is appropriate for the extrusion process. We offer an assortment of silicone extrusion profiles, includes custom profiles, H profiles, D profiles, wedge profiles, and L profiles, among others. We can create a variety of different products via extrusion, which includes seals, gaskets, and  tubes.

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Extrusion Molding Process

By pressing the material through a correctly constructed die, the silicone extrusion technique involves turning generating continuous lengths of silicone profiles or products. The pretreatment process in which the silicone raw material first enters the extrusion machine, where it is output into a continuous silicone strip having a shape governed by the machine’s die and extruder head under the influence of high temperature and high pressure.  The silicone strip will next be heated on multiple occasions and pulled repeatedly to complete the curing process.   The majority of customers are enthusiastic to put together a silicone extruder to generate plates, tubes, or strips of regular-shaped silicone using this method.  This process results in a finished product that can be cut in any manner you desire.  Extruded silicone goods are mostly used in the domains of medical equipment and food equipment due to modifications to the process and process shape

Our Services

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Why Choose Us

High Quality

To ensure that the quality of the extruded rubber semi-finished product is more dense and consistent, the silicone material can be further mixed and plasticized through the rotation of the extruder screw.

Wide Applications

Compression molds can be employed for a variety of objectives, involving the extrusion of silicone rubber profiles and pre-formed goods that are semi-finished with broad cross-sectional shapes.

Material Solutions

The caliber, color, light transmittance, hardness, preciseness grade, as well as other properties of the various readily accessible silicone materials for extrusion can be modified to meet particular requirements.

Rapid Molding

Services for manufacturing personalized silicone extrusion molds. Support a wide variety of working-together approaches, including CM, OEM, and wholesale.

Custom Silicone Extrusion Solution

A substantial level of process control must be implemented during silicone extrusion in order to achieve the essential key characteristics and dimensions. LegenDay has been creating and treating silicone extrusions for over two decades. Our ISO 9001:2015-certified manufacturing facility guarantees accurate tooling, performance, and cost-effectiveness. We have the capability of single extrusion, co-extrusion, and triple extrusion. We can extrude materials with many lumens, multiple colors, multiple hardnesses, inserts, etc. To meet your requirements, we can create extrusions that vary from being very simple to being extremely complex. Thanks to our multiple extrusion manufacturing and production lines, we can manage to produce virtually every demanded The amount with minimal lead time.

Start Your Project Now !

NEWTOP Lsrinjection supplies an extensive line of bespoke silicone merchandise for a variety of sectors as the leading supplier of silicone products based in China. We promise top-notch production standards because to our advanced manufacturing facilities,  on-site 5S management, and stringent quality control systems.


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