Newtop Other Silicone Parts

Newtop supplies silicone parts such as Valve and suction cup etc.  Our silicone parts are available in a variety of types, colors, designs, sizes, and other options.
●  Customizes to your exact requirements
●  Made from high-quality, food-grade, & eco-friendly silicone
●  Extremely durable, hygienic, and safe tips
●  Certified by the ISO, FDA, etc..

Silicone Other part

Silicone have excellent durability, longevity, chemical resistance, temperature resistance, tear & wear resistance, and more. Furthermore, they are washable and easy to clean. Therefore, silicone accessories are widely used in various fields.
Newtop provide customization services to meet your specific requirements. If you have some ideas, contact us for a solution.

Silicone Sippy Cup Lid

Stretch Seal Silicone Lid

Silicone wine stopper

Silicone Valve

Silicone Duck Valve

4 Silicone Valve

Silicone Vacuum Industrial Pneumatic Suction Cup

Single Bellows Silicone suction cup

Bellows FDA Silicone suction cup

Why choose Newtop silicone 

Temperature Resistant

The operating temperature of the silicone tube is about -100 °F to 450 °F. Due to its thick wall structure, it operates under extreme high temperature conditions.


Made from BPA-free, food-grade, non-toxic, and FDA-approved silicone rubber. Due to that, they are safe and non-toxic for human use.

Highly Durable

Excellent durability and are almost indestructible. They are also resistant to wearing and tearing. For that reason, they will last for a long time.

Chemical Resistant

Made from silicone rubber, they are chemically inert and resistant to various kinds of chemicals, acids, oils, and other kinds of solvents.

Silicone Valves Production Advantage

Newtop designed and engineered silicone tubing to provide high performance. The following are the basic characteristics of our silicone tube.

  • Precision mold manufacturing technology
  • Have rich experience in forming, production and slit cutting of check valves
  • In depth understanding of elastomer valves for different applications and purposes
  • Dust free workshop
  • Professional engineers, QC and sales teams

Custom Silicone Valves Serve

Newtop make different size and shape Silicone duckbill valves according to the customer’s requirements. 

  • Food Processing
  • Medical Equipment
  • Automobile
  • Appliance
  • Aerospace & Military

Custom Silicone Suction Cup Production Service

Silicone suction cups are brightly colored, safe and environmentally friendly, and can be in direct contact with food and skin. They are highly resistant to biological aging, have no rejection reaction with animals, and have good anticoagulant properties. They are especially suitable for medical products.

one-step services

OEM/ODM Silicone Parts Manufacturing

Offer rapid turnaround times and cost-controlled manufacturing while maintaining high standards of quality. provide customers with silicone parts that meet or exceed their expectations while staying within their budget.

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