Sanitary engineering

Silicone, used in sanitary engineering to line stainless steel braided hoses for heating and pumps, is a material that must meet legal requirements. It needs to be safe enough not to release any substances into the drinking water which may cause harm to human health – an important consideration when plumbing enters our homes!

Silicone’s amazing physiological properties, such as the lack of plasticizers, make it an ideal material for producing drinking water products.

As legal regulations become stricter, silicone is becoming essential for providing clean and safe drinking water. While other elastomers can be effective in some areas, they often fail to ensure top-quality H2O when temperatures rise – a situation that silicon easily handles with flying colors.

Our silicone products are the perfect choice for a wide range of applications – they’re odourless, tasteless and anti-allergic. Plus, their flexibility is superior to most other elastomers so you don’t have to worry about compromising performance when temperatures rise up to 90°C! Our compounds exceed national and international standards in terms of quality assurance, giving customers peace of mind that our materials will deliver consistent results with every use.

Advantages Silicone


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