NEWTOP — is committed to undertake Social Responsibility

"We encourage the personal and professional development of our employees."


  Since its inception in 2017, NEWTOP has been involved in its local economic and social fabric, with a focus on cultural aspects and support for employment assistance. As an industrial player, NEWTOP consistently shows complete environmental awareness, especially by optimizing production schedules and encouraging employees to sort waste. Today, we are more involved than ever in the core of these founding pillars.. 




  NEWTOP specializes in custom industrial silicone. We strive to accompany each project from inception to commercialization. We design and manufacture products, articles, and silicone devices for our customers, giving our efforts real meaning. Beyond a simple functional relationship with our stakeholders, we work together with each of our interlocutors to ensure sustainability.


  NEWTOP has established a global reputation in industrial markets and the medical sector. It has been steadily growing since its inception in 2017, with a notable increase in recent years. Today, we continue to believe in our abilities and internal resources; we are stakeholders in our own business. We achieve social cohesion and competitiveness in the elastomer market through responsible and committed management. 


  One of the STERNE company’s key values remains RESPECT: authentic and long-term partnerships with all stakeholders that engage reflection and orientation in COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE, with an emphasis on interpersonal skills and team well-being. Finally, Sterne is a company that assures quality and professionalism.


NEWTOP has renewed its company agreement on equal pay for men and women, as well as its commitment to promoting professional equality and avoiding gender discrimination on a daily basis.
Every year, we compile and publish the Professional Equality Index. We reiterate our commitment to offering equal access to promotion opportunities.

  As part of our procedure of establishing our Corporate Social Responsibility policy, we developed our CSR report. It is clear what the goal is: to share our efforts in terms of practices, to show our stakeholders and the ecosystem who we are open and, finally, to set ambitious goals for future performance, governance, and respect.