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For companies in a variety of industries, silicone compression molding is a highly advantageous manufacturing process. In the silicone compression molding process, silicone is added into a heated cavity, and, after it has solidified, pressure is applied. The silicone form is forced to take the shape of the cavity by this pressure, resulting in components that are exactly the right size and shape.

High-quality silicone parts with accuracy levels far above what is possible without this specialized process are the end product. Because silicone compression molding is precise and consistent, it is frequently employed for gaskets, insulation products, medical device components, and fluid system seals.


Because of its outstanding scalability for an extensive variety of production volumes, consistent output quality, and capacity to precisely shape complex designs, silicone compression molding is a highly preferred method for producing high-quality silicone parts. This method is not only more cost-effective in medium-to high-volume productions due to lower tooling costs than alternative techniques, but it also guarantees uniformity and reliability—important qualities for industries that require tight tolerances, such as the automotive and medical sectors. Because of these characteristics, it’s an excellent choice for an assortment of industrial applications where effectiveness and precision are essential.


Two common processes for creating silicone parts are silicone injection molding and silicone compression molding, each of which has special advantages based on the application. Compression molding, which involves adding a predetermined amount of silicone to a heated mold that is sealed under pressure, is well-known for being simple on the wallet and cost-effective. Large, thick, or less complicated parts can be manufactured very well with this method; it can be particularly useful for parts that require high material consistency and quality or for lower production volumes.On the contrary, silicone injection molding is a more complex technique in which silicone material is introduced at high pressure directly into a heated mold. With tighter dimensional tolerances, this method works exceedingly well for producing intricate details and complex geometries. Because it provides faster cycle times and less waste, making it cheaper to use in large-scale operations, it is better suited for high-volume production. The decision between compression and injection molding will usually be based on specific requirements of the project, such as the part complexity, production volume, and budgetary restrictions, despite the fact both processes yield high-quality silicone parts. While compression molding is favored for its simplicity and cost-effectiveness in smaller runs and simpler designs, injection molding often becomes the preferred method for mass production due to its ability to handle complex shapes and faster production speeds.


Superior Accuracy and Detail

At NEWTOP, we’re proud to offer silicone compression molding services that are both the best and most accurate. By doing our process, parts with unparalleled flexibility and durability are produced by leveraging the power of silicone materials. Our process can assist you in producing the precise part you require, irrespective of whether you want a prototype or a long-term production part.

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Cutting Edge Technology

Modern technology is used in our silicone compression molding process to guarantee precision and dependability. Our process is made in order to ensure that each element is produced with the highest standards of accuracy and quality possible. Our team of highly trained experts has years of experience in this field. To guarantee that every one of our clients gets the most beneficial results, we only employ the best products and methods.

Cost-Effective Services

Since we are aware that money is a consideration for customers when it comes to silicone compression molding, we operate hard to offer them options that are affordable. For both short- and long-term projects, we provide competitive pricing and employ the most cost-effective procedures to help cut expenditures. Our aim is to offer our customers with the greatest value for their money.

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