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since 2009

What we can do?

Newtop silicone provides custom EMI Conductive Elastomer & gaskets & seals for the fast paced and demanding requirements of the technology equipment sector, where service conditions often require high performance materials such as silicone rubber.

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EMI Conductive Elastomer


Good electrical conductivity and electromagnetic shielding performance, as well as excellent mechanical properties such as waterproof, dustproof and shockproof.

Silicone Rubber Gasket & Seal


Custom made silicone tubing, specialized gaskets, seals, and custom-made elastomer products in standard and specific polymers and designs. Liquid silicone material has better mechanical strength and toughness, and is more suitable for customized sealing rings. 


About Newtop

NewTop is a company specializing in silicone product, Gasket services and EMI Conductive Elastomer that has more than 12 years of experience in the sector.

Provide various solutions for customer’s design, including shielding, sealing, etc.

Match design requirements 

NEWTOP’s services cover the entire lifecycle from silicone accessories product idea to product release. With our extensive silicone rubber application expertise and silicone fittings manufacturing experience, we can solve your design product shielding to sealing problems faster and at a lower cost.

You can cooperate with us in the following ways.

  • OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), ODM (Original Design Manufacturer), CM (Contract Manufacturer).
  • Silicone EMI shielding strips & sealing accessories product development.
  • Wholesale of EMI shielding strips & sealing accessories.
  • Silicone rubber tooling & silicone molds making.
  • Manufacturable testing of silicone prototypes.
Meet different design requirements
Different shapes and different fillers meet the needs of different industries
Meet shielding and sealing requirements of different industries
Application of electromagnetic shielding material, conductive and sealing silicone strip
Food grade silicone
Food grade environment-friendly materials, matching different environments

Why choose Newtop

        • High-level design engineer team
        • Engineering grade FEA analysis
        • In-house precision tooling
        • A wide range of materials & processes
        • Standardized quality system
        • The most competitive price

Custom process

>> Reaching us to custom the product  


5G application


Electronic equipment




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