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Newtop supplies silicone tubes in all common styles, sizes, widths, and lengths. Platinum silicone rubber tubes have become a preferred choice when it comes to fulfilling the needs of many industries.

●  Durable, Heavy-Duty & Dependable

●  Excellent finishing, ultimate smoothness

●  Radiation, oxidation, and ozone resistant

●  High Tear Strength

●  Clarity & Temperature Resistant

Custom Silicone Hose Manufacturer -Newtop

Silicone hose is crafted from the finest grade of silicone, boasting a remarkable level of smoothness and an unmistakable surface finish. Its flexibility makes it incredibly versatile – ideal for all manner applications across multiple industries including pharmaceuticals, medical facilities and petrochemical production – plus much more!

Newtop can meet all your business needs with transparent, high-quality silicone hoses that come at a competitive price. 

Silicone Transparent Hose

Silicone Tubing Features

  • Odorless, tasteless, and inert
  • Able to resist extreme temperature variation: -100°F to 500°F (350°F maximum for NSF applications)
  • Meets FDA requirements for use with food contact surfaces
  • Conforms to 3-A Sanitary Standards for Number 18-03 (Multiple Use Rubber and Rubber-Like Materials)
  • Free of BPA, latex, and phthalates; RoHS compliant
  • Reusable and will withstand repeated sterilization
  • Translucent natural color for visual contact with the flow
  • Resilient, stretchable, and resistant to compression set
  • Good electrical and weatherability properties — resists U.V., ozone, gases, and moisture

Reinforced Silicone Tubing

Braid Reinforced tubing Features

  • Open mesh polyester braiding incorporated within the walls of silicone tubing
  • Designed for elevated pressure applications
  • Odorless, tasteless, and inert
  • Able to resist extreme temperature variation: -99°F to 350°F
  • Raw materials meet FDA requirements for use with food contact surfaces
  • Free of BPA, latex and phthalates; RoHS compliant
  • Reusable and will withstand repeated sterilization^
  • Translucent natural color for visual contact with the flow
  • Excellent weatherability properties to resist UV, ozone, gases, moisture, and extreme temperatures

Platinum Silicone Tubing

We choose platinum silicone for our customers cos its softness, good tensile strength and high transparency.

  • Platinum cured for the highest degree of purity (least extractables)
  • Finished product meets USP Class VI requirements
  • Free of BPA, latex and phthalates
  • Listed by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF-51) for food equipment materials
  • Naturally translucent so fluid flow is visible
  • REACH and RoHS compliant
  • Applications include pharmaceutical, biomedical, health and beauty, food, and beverage handling

Application case

Led Silicone Hose

Silicone Milk Hose & Dairy Tubing

Brewery Silicone Tubing & Hose

Peristaltic pump silicone hose

Silicone Transparent

Reinforced Silicone

Platinum Silicone

Silicone Steel Wire Tubing & Hose

Silicone Rubber Hose Specifications

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NEWTOP, as a custom silicone manufacturer, has 16+ years experience. We are a factory with ISO 9001:2015 certification. 8 automated production lines, providing high-quality silicone hose services to 200+customers worldwide.

Strict Quality Control,
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Strict ISO management system, independent laboratory and precise testing equipment ensure the quality of silicone and the uniformity of wall thickness.

Standard Silicone Hose, Bulk Stock

  • Inventory of various sizes
  • Different styles
  • Different Color
  • Food Grade/Medical Grade 

We're There Every Step Of The Way

Non-standard Silicone Tube, Custom service

You can choose from many different kinds of manufacturing concepts and extrusion processes from us, depending on your needs in terms of size, mass production, and post-service. The material’s color, hardness, level of safety, post-processing, custom packaging, and other services are all 100% up to you.

Full range of customized services

  • Size/Color/Material Grade
  • Hardness
  • Printing logo
  • Cutting service   (flat mouth, inclined mouth, swallow tail)
  • Packaging services

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We provide fast turnaround time for your business needs. You will keep a healthy stock of silicone hoses necessary for your industry. Newtop shortens the lead time for “at speed” and “on time” delivery.

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Our experienced staff will provide great service in every step of the process.

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Newtop Provides Efficient Solution for More Than 1000 Clients 

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with 16 years of experience

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